The “cancel culture” is why we can’t have nice things.

I haven’t felt much like writing that much. To be honest, I’m growing tired of the whole social media thing. Twitter is constantly in uproar about something. If they aren’t going off about canceling someone’s career, they’re ranting about boycotts.

Take this whole Don Cherry business. Our family – we’re huge hockey fans. We’ve been watching Don Cherry on Saturday night hockey for decades. True. Don should have retired gracefully ages ago. Do I agree with what he said? Yes – and no.

I hear what he was saying about not enough people wearing poppies to support our troops. I’m in total agreement with that. But I think that comes from lack of awareness and lack of education. I mean, do they even still teach kids about the war these days in school?

But Don, like many other celebrities, could have used a little more tact and given some background context when sharing his opinion. There is a way to do it without coming across as a racist.

The thing I have a really hard time with now is that people can be fired and have their entire careers ruined by simply making a post on Twitter.

Do some people deserve the firing? Sure.

But after Don made his remarks, the mob lynch started calling for a boycott on Rogers AND Sports Centre. People actually cancelled their subscriptions.

This is where Twitter and I have a difference of opinion.

I’m all for voicing your opinion and making yourselves heard. But if we keep boycotting and canceling things – pretty soon there won’t be anything left to cancel.

Thing about that for a moment before jumping on the “cancel” bandwagon.

What if this was about something you said online? What if you lost your career over something that took less than 150 characters to write?

I’m so done with the cancel culture. I’m so done with the boycotting. I’m so very done with the mob lynching and bullshit that this younger generation is spewing out. I’m done with people calling each other Karens and “boomers’ because they think it’s funny.

Am I just getting old here? Am I just cranky? Or has social media really ruined a lot of things for us?

Social media used to be a great tool for artists and actors to reach out to their fan base. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched them receive backlash for simply voicing an opinion.

We live in a time where people want to be liberated and accepted for who they are. But how can anyone be who they are when they’re constantly defending their personal opinions online?

Can we just stop? I mean really. Just stop with the cancel culture. This isn’t going to solve anything. I’m understanding more and more why celebs are opting out of social media. I can tell you if it weren’t for promoting music and art – I wouldn’t be online either.

Anyone handsome and rich dude out there want to whisk me away to a private island where social media doesn’t exist? Leave your number in the comments below.

I’m kidding on that. Mostly.

End of rant. For now. The Walking Dead is on tonight and I can’t miss it.

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