November Update – 7 months!

I’m a little late writing my monthly update – mostly because I don’t have a lot to update you on.

I started this blog back in April 2019 and am amazed at how quickly it is growing. I’m at nearly 350 followers with minimal advertising and promotion. I’m still working on networking and finding other blogs to follow. There are so many great blogs out there!

The design of this blog has been changed. For those using desktop browsers, let me know what you think. I get bored easily – and this may change again!

Fitness and Health Update

Fitness and health are still my two top priorities. I’m slowly recovering from an illness – I’ve been sick off and on the past year. We know what’s causing my illness – so now it’s just a matter of finding the right treatment. My doctor is also concerned about cancer as it’s rampant in our family. So, we’ll be doing a few tests to rule that out. I’m adjusting to life with asthma. As long as I can avoid irritants, I’ll be okay. I’m still working on weight loss but it’s a challenge given that I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. And I’m not young anymore – weight loss seems to be a real challenge the older you get. I am exercising on a daily basis and working on my diet.

Original Recipes

Now that winter is here – it’s official – it snowed. I’m getting back into the kitchen and cooking on a nightly basis. Cooking is a new hobby and I’m still learning as I go. I’m excited to share original recipes and photos with you – you can visit my recipes page which will be updated weekly. I’d love to do post videos on Youtube but my kitchen needs a lot of upgrades – so, for now – I’ll stick to photography.

Original Artwork

I have uploaded some of my art over the last few months and have created a page for people to check out some my newest pieces. Art is also a hobby – painting is so relaxing and it’s almost like meditation for me. I’m trying to learn some new techniques but am struggling with using a mouse for digital art. I really need to invest in a drawing tablet – unfortunately money is tight at the moment. And it will have to wait until after Christmas. That said, if you enjoy digital art – check out my artwork page.

Music Projects

I’ve had to make some cutbacks financially and so unfortunately, I had to delete my music website and a few other services I was a member of. That means – I’ll be using this blog for all of my hobbies and projects. I finally got my piano music that I had been working on for two years on Spotify and Youtube. I do hope to record some Christmas music and will be uploading that on Youtube soon. Music for now is just a hobby. Something I enjoy. I’m retired from stage performance – so this is not a money earner for me. I still volunteer at the church weekly but that is more of a selfish reason to see my friends and family – and to learn more about my heritage.

If you’re interested in piano music – please head over to Youtube and visit my artist page. I have had plans to work on a Danish folk song & hymns album – one of these days I’ll really sit down and try and focus on it.

Danish music – the stuff I play on Sunday mornings

Life Updates

My plans for a move in the spring have been called off. I’m bummed out about it but maybe it’s for the best. Given the current political climate and upcoming cut-backs and proposed layoffs, I’m thinking it might be wise to stay where I am. No major life changes for a while. At least until I meet that rich and handsome dude who owns a yacht.

Everything else is going okay. I’m mostly a home body these stays and sticking close to home. Trying to get my condo organized and catching up on sleep and rest. I’ve been a bit anti-social and avoiding parties and invitations. Christmas is just around the corner and so trying to save up money for that. I would love to do some more home renos and updates. We’ll see.


In determination to keep Mostly Single ad-free, I’ve set up a simple payment option so that people can donate to help with costs of running this website. I’m also going to be creating a wish list on Amazon for little trinkets and things to help with art projects (like a drawing tablet). If you have room for a donation, please let me know. If not — you can help by following this blog and subscribing to my youtube channel. If you care to donate a few dollars, scroll down to the simple payment form.

Thank you!!!

A big thank you to all my new friends and followers here. A reminder – that this blog is not a money-maker for me. I write because it’s — cheaper than therapy. And if I can help others by sharing my own personal stories, than that makes me happy. I’m honoured to have gained the following I have. And I look forward to reading your comments and chatting with you all.

Some of you have been here since April and for that – I’m grateful! Here’s a little tune to show my appreciation.

This is “Morning Sunrise” – early mornings have turned out to be my favorite part of the day – especially on Saturdays. I love early morning sunrises.

Have a great weekend – and thanks for reading! Let me know in the comments what you like best about this blog and I’ll try and post more of that!

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