Seraphine – new music release

My insomnia has been really bad this week. I’ve been filling in some of the hours by going over some older music of mine. The goal is to remaster these songs and get them onto YouTube.

I’m a self-taught composer and music producer. While I have a classical background and professional training (20 years), theory and ear training was really difficult for me. Everything I know about composition I’ve learned by trial and error – and from my years playing the clarinet in the orchestra.

I really miss playing with an orchestra. Those were some of the best nights of my life. Weekend travel to Banff or Calgary to compete in music festivals. Making new friends outside of school. Getting to work with talented musicians.

The best concert we had – was the one where we had a rock band join us and we performed the music to Jesus Christ Superstar.

Yeah. I miss those days a lot. Unfortunately now, my asthma makes it impossible to play any wind instrument. So, I stick with the piano.

Anyway. Before I really depress myself by going down that rabbit hole – here is one of my favorite pieces. I’m hoping to create some more like this.

This Seraphine – it’s a new agey mystical song. I composed this one back in 2017 and it’s been remastered for online streaming. Best listened to with headphones.

Album art created using Canva art.

You can help support future artistic projects by clicking on the simple payment to the right — every dollar counts!

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