Daily Art: My art therapy

It’s Tuesday, October 15 at 11:15 am and I just crawled out of bed. My plans to keep to a regular schedule have all but failed. I’ve woken up most mornings with a migraine that results in me crawling back into bed after eating a bit of food. My weight loss progress has once again stalled.

I’ve put off things I need to get done because I’m just so tired. I haven’t felt like writing the last few days. To be honest, I haven’t done much of anything over the last two weeks.

I guess your body knows when it needs to rest and recover from an illness. Or maybe this is all part of it. Maybe it’s the shorter days. The sun sets so early now. And the days will only get shorter over the next couple of months.

I didn’t want to write a woe is me post. Because who wants to read that? That’s not why I started this blog. Nope. I want to write things that are meaningful and inspiring. But it’s really difficult to do that when you have zero energy. It’s hard to do much of anything – except to crawl back into a nice warm bed and sleep.

The problem is. When you’re sick so for long – it just kind of wears you down. And it takes longer for your body to heal. Maybe I expected too much of myself and over did it in the first week I was at home.

Or maybe I just need a few more weeks of solid rest and fluids.

Yes. I hear my bed calling my name again.

And so, instead of leaving you empty handed, I’ll just drop a few pictures that I painted using Corel Painter over the last year. Enjoy.

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