Fitness: My Top 5 Fitness Resources

Reposting because this is good information.

I’ve scoured the internet and picked what I think are some of the best resources for fitness and weight loss. Here is a list of my top five go-to’s for advice on exercises, and general weight loss advice.

Body Building.Com

This channel isn’t just for lifters. I often visit this website and use it as a general resource for exercise routines. When I want to check on my form or learn more about nutrition – this is usually my first stop.

Fitness Blender 

Fitness Blender is one of my go-to resources to learn technique or form for specific exercises.

Spark People

I really used to like the website Spark People. It was a great way to blog about progress and track my calorie intake and activity. But the site has been overrun by ads and spam. I do still visit their channel on youtube from time to time for low impact exercise routines. They also have 10 minute routines that target specific areas.

Billy Blanks – Tae Bo Fitness

When I was at the pique of my fitness in 2012, I loved doing cardio workouts. Tae Bo, and Cardio Kick Boxing quickly became my favorite routines. I stumbled across Billy Blank’s channel on youtube and was hooked. His energy is amazing when you need a boost or added motivation.

Yoga with Adrienne

This is a new discovery for me. Yoga has never really been my thing but I know it’s popular. I really like this channel. Adrienne has great tips and routines for all people of all ages and fitness levels.

Honorable Mentions

PopSugar Fitness 

Fitness FAQs

General Fitness Motivation

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