Saturday night musings & a little opera pick me up

My sleep schedule has been out of whack. I was up most of the night with a sudden burst of energy that I haven’t felt in a while. Probably because I had a long nap after work. I decided to make the most of the pent up energy and started a massive cleaning job on my condo. I’m sure my neighbour hates me because of it. Sorry dude. But it had to be done. Tit for tat. I still hate my neighbours upstairs for waking me up every morning before 7:00 am.

Then I got the brilliant idea of roasting vegetables at 5:00 am this morning. Which were delicious of course. Not my typical breakfast food. But as I was cleaning out my fridge, I realized they would go bad soon – and therefore, I had to do something with them.

And before climbing into bed finally, at 7:30 am, I whipped up a batch of home made chili. I love that stuff. So easy to make and you can eat it for days. Especially when you’re cooking for one.

Fall cooking. There really is nothing better than that. But I have little patience to sit and wait for the dishes to cook – so while the chili sat in the crock pot – I started tearing this place apart. I was so energized that I nearly forgot to turn off my oven at one point. Oops. It wouldn’t be the first time my insomnia inspired late night cooking that almost burned down the building.

I’m not even kidding. Those mini pizza’s are “oven bake only” for a reason.

I’ve accumulated so much “stuff” from cleaning out our family home. Everything has been dumped into my spare room. But instead of having trinkets and gadgets all over the place, I’ve spent the weekend separating everything into categories. Each category has its own box. This is a little trick I learned from one of those TLC shows we watched many years ago.

The plan is to have everything organized into storage bins and labelled carefully. This will really help me for my upcoming move. I have lots of time to prepare – and I’m trying to downsize as much as possible as well.

What I will say is this – Rubbermaid bins are the greatest invention since sliced bread. They’re perfect for storing linens, towels, clothes. Anything you don’t want getting dusty or wet.

I also realized this week that my allergies are likely caused by my environment – this condo building. It’s an older building and not very well maintained. I’m pretty sure there is mold in the walls. My bedroom is the worst for the dust. I don’t even want to think about the dust mites in the bed. I think I got most of the dust bunnies under the bed when the painters were here.

This afternoon, armed with a make-shift dust mask, and a long Switfter duster, I carefully cleaned up the old ceiling fan. That was super gross with dust splattering across the room. Next, I tore my bed apart. It needs replacing – badly. But I figured I might as well wait until I move and see what I have to work with in my new space.

I ripped off mattress cover which has been on there for years. It was disgusting but did its job in keeping the mattress bug free. The mattress itself to my surprise is in pretty good condition. Sealy. They really are the best. I bought the mattress over ten years ago – so it is well past its prime. It’s held up so well that I really don’t want to buy a new mattress. Even though I know for my health – I really should. Those hypo-allergenic things look cool. But they come with a cost.

I’m torn on what kind of mattress to buy next. These are questions that keep me up late at night when I should be sleeping.

Do I get another Sealy? An Endy mattress that all the millennials online rant and rave about? I really have no clue. I’m not crazy about receiving a mattress delivered in a box. But I guess that’s the way things are now. I guess the mattress I buy will be dependent on the kind of bed frame I buy.

But that brings another good question – where to buy a bed frame? Ikea? The Brick? Leons? Ashley? I mean, my own mind exhausts me.

Hey, if any vendors out there are reading this – send me a mattress please! I’ll write a great review on it!

Anyway. What did I do next? Oh yeah.

While still feeling energized, I scrubbed the master bedroom from top to bottom. The window is now cleaned – at least on the inside. I hung my grey curtains to match the new steel grey walls (ugh). And I washed all my old bedding which is a dark navy blue (but reversible) comforter. What a different the change in colours make. Switching from a grey comforter to a blue one really brightens up the space. The bedsheets and pillows are in the wash now. There really is nothing finer than crawling into a clean and freshly made bed at night.

Since when did making decisions become so difficult? Buyer’s remorse is real.

Now comes the next decision in my life. I can’t sleep with a duvet. But I’m thinking of a quilt. For some reason, the thought of a nice cozy quilt is appealing to me. Do I buy one now? Do I wait until I get my new bed? Where do I get my bedroom from? Do I go back to the Brick? Do I try Sleep Country? Do I order online? Do I try in person?

Or do I trust online shopping and give Bed Bath and Beyond a try?

It’s ironic that my eyes automatically gravitate towards the most expensive product – doesn’t seem to matter what it is I’m shopping for.

I don’t remember when I hit a point in my life where I second guess everything. Shopping online seems to have made things more complicated. Like… I’ll read about 50 good reviews but one bad review will stick with me. And that’s all I can think about as I shop on Amazon.

I hate you Amazon. Really. You make things so easy and complicated at the same time.

Amazon. Now that website I have a lot and hate relationship with. I’ve had some good luck shopping online. My recliner that I’m sitting in while typing this is quite comfy. The black out curtains from NICETOWN basics really does block out the sun like the description says. And the black faux leather cube ottoman (that’s a mouthful) I bought two years ago really goes well with my red chairs.

I like red okay. It’s a family thing. I really am my mother’s daughter.

But when did decisions get so damn complicated? Is it because I’m older and wiser? Or is it because there is so much to choose from now that it’s hard to make an informed and responsible choice?

I’ve spent countless hours scouring the web for the perfect bedroom furniture for my new pad. But seriously, I just can’t make up my mind. There are too many choices. Too many options. And yet, not enough options that fit within my budget.

Okay, enough of that rabbit hole…and move onto the stress dreams.

During my two hour sleep this morning, I had the strangest dreams. In the dream I moved into my new condo. And everything started off great. But then as I wandered down the hallway, the walls seemed to stretch further and further. The floor became uneven. There were mirrors everywhere. And suddenly, I was in this house of horrors that would have made Vincent Price uneasy. Or maybe it was more like that scene from the 80’s movie Twilight Zone with the kid in the crazy fun house. Yeah, maybe that was it.

As I climbed through piles of dust, debris and obstacle courses, I made my way into the basement. There was a furnace that looked like Fred Krueger had been burned and died in it. Shudder. But then just a few feet past piles of brick, dirt and shrubble? Is that a word? I stumbled upon – a hockey rink? I woke up soon from the dream as soon as I reached for the phone to call everyone I knew to say “we have to have a family hockey game…”

Yeah, my mind scares me sometimes too.

Image result for freddy krueger

Moving on.

On the positive side of things – I got most of my place cleaned today. It’s looking great. I have a lot of stuff to still go through and decide if I’m taking it with me or not. But I’m pleased with the progress I made today. Mostly because I finally have the energy to do all this work. Finally.

I don’t even feel guilty for not writing all that much this week. I won’t promise to write more next week.

Don’t ask me how those Cinnabons are doing. Even from the freezer – that I cleaned out today and scrubbed – they’re still calling my name. Perhaps I deserve an extra sweet little treat today. Yes, I think I deserve that. I moved around a lot today. That’s 1100 square feet of floors to sweet, mop and windows to dust.

Excuse me while I go eat that last Cinnabon and sing along to Phantom of the Opera. I’m feeling a bit nostalgic tonight – I’m amazing I still know all the words by heart.

Have a great weekend!

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