Meditation Techniques – Music

As a musician, I am really keen on the idea of using music to meditate. This really helps me during stressful times in my life. Or when I’m feeling down.

Over the years, I’ve found some great channels on YouTube that allows me to do this. Sometimes writing is my meditation. I can sit for hours and just work on a book without realizing that half the day has gone by. I have to set reminders for myself to take breaks and move around.

Here are some great videos to help you learn to relax and meditate. I find my inner self is more calm when I find time to listen to these.

I’ll be sharing more meditation and self-healing techniques as part of the health section of this blog.

The Honest Guys

I stumbled upon The Honest Guys’ channel when I was going through a rough patch with insomnia. Their guided meditations helped me so much. I do recommend getting an ad blocker or downloading their meditations to avoid annoying ads that may pop up. I’m only going to share one video with you. But I highly recommend checking their channel out.

10 Minute Insomnia Talk Down


This channel focuses on relaxing music for meditation. This is a channel that I often listen to when writing. Sometimes I can write and listen to Spotify. But many times, I need something soothing, quiet and calming to listen to while writing. Otherwise I get too distracted by songs that have lyrics in them.

The YellowBrickCinema channel also does a lot of live streaming. I do appreciate the nature pictures that go along with the music. I wish I had more time to devote to music and create videos like these.

Native American Meditations

I’m biased when it comes to Native American Music. While I do not have Native American ancestry, I have always found their beliefs and cultures to be very interesting and have learned a lot over the years. I find the sound of the pan flute with a steady drum beat to the most relaxing thing.

When I get my YouTube channel going again, I’ll create some playlists for you to check out. Here are a couple of samples. I love Michael Looking Coyote and his meditations. I have this album (from Itunes) and have fallen asleep to it many times.

Your brain will thank me for these. If you want to show me appreciation – check out my main page and buy me a cup of coffee (shameless plug)

Still better than a pop up ad, right?

World Music Meditations & Spa Music

When I first got into Itunes, I was going through another new-age phase and stocked up on as many spa albums and meditation albums I could find under $5.00. I was surprised at how many I could find. Here are some artists that I have found over the years and really enjoy. My Itunes collection is pretty out of hand. I may just dedicate an entire page to music recommendations and album reviews.

Yoga Tribe

Spa Music Collective

1 Hour Music – Piano Spa Music

Massage Tribe

There are plenty more – this page could go on forever. If you have any recommendations for meditation music – drop it in the comment box below!

Brain Entrainment

Brain Entrainment takes you to a whole new level of meditation. There is science behind this music. I won’t go into a lot of detail on how it works in this thread. I may create another page just for this topic. But the short of it is – is that brain entertainment is a method used to stimulate the brain into entering an altered state of consciousness. Much like how I discussed Shamanic journeying in this thread.

To read more on it – check out Brain Works Neurotherapy website where they go into great detail on how brain entertainment works. Before listening to these tracks, I recommend reading a little bit about what the different brain states mean and how it can affect you. This music, if created properly, can send your brain into a deep meditative state. Read the video description before listening. It is not recommended for use while driving or working with heavy machinery. Those who suffer from migraines, strokes or seizures should proceed with caution. I’ll post one of my favorite channels for you to check out.

I use this video a lot when I need to super focus on my writing. I find it to be very effective. Different videos can do different things for you and target different points on your body. These entrainments can be used to heal physical ailments – or they can just help to to sleep better or relax.

I think I’ll stop there for now. Let me know what you think of the recommendations or if you have any more to add to the list.

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