Photography: my best pics

Okay, okay. I’m spamming your feeds with photos. But you have no idea how many pictures I’ve collected over the years. Photography was a serious hobby for me between 2010 and 2015. I picked up a new Nikon camera last year – the P900.

The plan was to get back into hiking and use it this summer. But given that it rained every other day (it’s 10 degrees today…) and the skies were always cloudy – I missed out on a lot of photo ops this year.

A family wedding and a bad bout of asthma also made hiking impossible this year. I hope to be in better shape by the spring.

I picked up the P900 because of the impressive 2000m zoom lens. Unfortunately, where I live, there is just too much pollution to get really amazing shots. I took a bunch of shots last year with the new camera – this was the best one.

This was taken without using a tripod. A tripod is a must have.

Here are some of my top photos from over the years.

And I’ll stop posting for the day. I promise. It’s not my fault I type 99 words per minute.



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