Travel: Hiking through Jasper, 2012

I wanted to share some more of my hiking experiences with you. Here are some photos from my trip with Bev and her husband Art in 2012.

The three of us packed all our gear into Art’s truck and headed to Jasper for the weekend. The plan was to hike Mount Sulphur – which Bev described as a “moderate” 22 km hike – uphill. Then we were going to have lunch on the summit.

Everything went according to plan. We arrived safely, and on time. I stayed at a hotel downtown and Bev and Art stayed in a cabin. I was fresh out of a bad breakup with my long-time off and again boyfriend, James (who is now married). I was in a pretty bad headspace for this trip. But by the time we hit the trails on the Valley of the 5 Lakes, I had forgotten all about James and was just enjoying the views. And struggling to keep up with the group.

Valley of the 5 Lakes Hike, Jasper, Alberta 2012

Six of us hiked the Valley which took about five hours. I thought I was in pretty good shape having lost 70 pounds, but I was not in shape like Bev and Art were. By the time I took these pictures, I was in having a difficult time keeping a good pace and staying steady on my feet.

But what an experience it was. The views were worth the pain and losing a toe nail.

After the hike. we stopped at all the touristy spots and took mandatory tourist photos. On Sunday, we headed out to Sulphur mountain. Unfortunately, I could only make it up about 1km. My knee was in rough shape. So, while the crew enjoyed their lunch on the summit, I hiked around the base. We finished off the day with a dip in the hot springs and a dinner downtown.

Base of Sulphur Mountain, Jasper, Alberta, 2012

The weekend went by too fast. I wish I could join my friends on another hike. Bev and I are hoping to get together for a weekend trip to Victoria in the spring. If I can swing the budget. I miss hiking and being outdoors. I hope that changes this spring.

Enjoy the photos!


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