Travel: Hinton Hiking


Here are some photos of my hikes in Hinton, Alberta. As I’ve mentioned many times, hiking was something I looked forward to every fall. September was my favorite time of year. I would take a week off work and hit the mountains.

While I wasn’t in shape for uphill hiking, I had a lot of great experiences hiking around mountain bases. I was getting into photography back in 2010 when I picked up my first camera – and with hiking, I was able to get some amazing shots.

Hiking was a spiritual reprieve. It was like meditation for me. Being along, getting lost in the middle of the trees and mountain background – it was heaven for me. And I miss it so much.

These are pictures from the Black Cat Mountain Ranch where I used to stay all the time. I’ve made many friends during my hikes over the years. Including a very good friend, Astrid, from Germany. We are hoping to meet up again and do some travel soon.

Hope you enjoy these travel posts. I have quite a few older photos to go through and share with you. Do you enjoy mountain hiking? If so, what are your favorite spots to hike?

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  1. Love hiking but never seem to go on a gentle hike and always seems to be up a volcano or days of hiking.


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