Song of the day: the man to hold the water

I won’t post songs every day. Just when I’m in the mood to share music that inspires me.

Rob Thomas. This man. He is such a mega talent. An icon in the rock industry since 1995 when his band Matchbox 20 released their album You or Someone Like You. This album still sits on my bookshelf in my office.

It wasn’t just the hit song “Push” that made me fall in love with Rob. It was his cover tune of Cyndi Lauper’s, Time After Time – one of my all time favorite songs.

When Rob claimed this was one of his favourite tunes – I knew it was kismet for us. I was hooked. Rob has so many great hits that it’s difficult to choose a favorite. He sings with such passion and emotion. It’s as if you absorb whatever he is feeling through is music.

This song is just beautiful.

Whether he’s belting out rocking tunes like Push or Unwell, or crooning ballads such as Pieces or Now Comes the Night — he blows me away with each and every video.

A happy upbeat song to get stuck in your head.

Today’s song is: The Man to Hold the Water from Rob’s latest album, Chip Tooth Smile. For this very moment, after the week I’ve had – and with life changes coming up quickly. This song just makes me smile.

Thank you Rob, for being an amazing story-teller through song. There isn’t a song I don’t like on this album. Rob’s just one of those guys that you fall in love with instantly.

Where you go, I will follow
Where you are, I will be
When you’re lost, I will find you
And when you fall, fall on meI’ve never been the man to hold the water
I thought of how a life like that could be
Where you go, I will follow
Where you are, I will beWhere you go, I will follow
Through this life and in between
The road is long, alone is longer
And most of I is you and meLooking back on every false horizon
I thought I knew the better part of me
Where you go, I will follow
Where you are, I will beWhere I go, you will follow
Where I’ve been, you may be
And when…

Rob Thomas – Chip Tooth Smile

And if I still haven’t convinced you to check out his YouTube channel, maybe this interview will. I’d love to go have a cup of coffee with him.

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