Wednesday Wisdom: If a procrastinator could be paid, I’d be rich by now.

So, here we are. It’s Wednesday morning. I’m eating a muffin, which will be my carbs for the day. See… I’m still in fitness mode. Thinking about making coffee. And thinking about what to do today.

I’m on vacation. This was the vacation I had originally planned back in the winter when I decided I wanted to travel. But instead, I went during the busiest travel times – July. Lesson learned. Avoid big cities in peak travel times.

Instead of going to the mountains like I should have gone, I’m sitting in my living room in the midst of chaos, while waiting for the painter to return. He was here all day yesterday. And while he was very nice and apologized for interrupting my day, I’m aggravated by the state that my condo is in. Chaos. It’s making me … tense.

All my furniture is pushed to the middle of each room. I have to wade through what seems like endless sheets of plastic to get through my stuff. And yesterday, I nearly had a heart attack when I couldn’t find my house keys in all this rubbish. Yes, I said rubbish.

It’s true when they say that a clean home or workspace can you help to work better. I had planned to use this week to organize my condo for the move in the spring. And I had hoped to work on some music projects. My new keyboard arrives today and I’m excited to put it to use.

The problem with having someone in your home, is that you can’t relax like you normally would. Normally, I would have music on as I write – with headphones so I can blare it as loud as I want to. Or listen to whatever I want to. I find I’m selecting certain songs while this guy is here because not everyone listens to the same music I do.

My taste for music is… all over the place like my interests. Lately, I’ve been listening to indie rock and folk music. But I discovered a channel a couple of years ago called Mr. Otter Music. His mixes are fantastic. His recent mix, Insomniac, makes it easy to relax, and work at the same time. With my new shiny noise cancelling headphones, I’m sure work will be a little easier today.

And yet, here I am. The ever faithful and devout procrastinator that I am. Is thinking about watching YouTube videos, drinking coffee and playing the Sims. Yup. That’s what I would normally be doing on a day at home. I picked up Sims 4 and I am hooked. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve been playing this game since 1999. Mostly, I just like designing houses and the outfits.

But not today. Someone is going to be here all day. So, I need to make myself feel better by being productive. And making it look cool while I do it. No picking the nose or wearing my scrubs today. Nope. I’m dressed like I would for work. And even put on deodorant.

What to write about today? What to work on? I think this might be it. Because. I’m on holidays. And I can as lazy as I want to.

I’ll leave you with this great mix from Mr. Otter Music – just so I can pat myself on the back for a job well done that I’ve promoted some music today. That’s sort of work, right? Maybe I won’t feel so guilty for it later.

What are you working on today? Are you procrastinating like me?

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