Fitness Goals: August 2019


It’s been a while since I sat down and made some new fitness goals. Now that summer is half over, I really need to kick things into high gear and going on this. The progress in this ongoing fitness challenge has been marginal. I’m noticing that as time goes on, my clothes are fitting a little looser. Especially in the pant legs. And I’m feeling the burn of my cycle today.

It’s difficult to find a healthy balance between work life and exercising. I really can’t wait to move in the spring. I think if all works out with the condo that has a fitness centre – this will be a game changer to me. Being so close to the River Valley and being able to go for nice scenic walks. Even just getting up early on Saturday mornings and enjoying a cup of coffee on my balcony. It will be heaven.

But that’s seven months away. I have to focus on the tasks at hand and make new goals. That’s part of what weight loss is. Making new goals and rewarding yourself when you achieve them.

So, what’s the plan for August? Here’s the “skinny” on getting “skinny”.

(the pun game is strong here if you haven’t noticed already)

Strength, Strength and more Strength

I hopped on the biked for an hour the other night. An hour. And my knees are killing me today. They’re screaming at me and asking me why I would punish them so badly. I followed up the hour bike ride with a fifteen minute workout with the exercise ball. At which I need a new one – badly.

Because of my bad knees, one of my favorite things to do is to lie down on my bed and use the ball to workout my core. Here’s a great video to show you how this is done. These exercises help to build strength in the knees, legs and general core area. They can also help to burn off fat. I’ve already dropped an inch around the waist this week.

I also plan on picking up those dumbbells that are just collecting dust. I even moved them to the coffee table as if to remind me that they are there, ready for me to use at any given time. I have to actually use them since I got back from Toronto. The procrastinator in me is strong.

Sometimes I use the dumbbells while cycling. It’s amazing the workout you can get by combining cardio and weights. Even a 2pd or 5pd weight will do. You can pick them up anywhere – Amazon, Walmart even drugstores.



Walking is really great exercise. A lot of people will argue that isn’t. Some would even go as far as saying that it won’t help you lose weight. But for me – just being outdoors in the sun or natural elements is great therapy. I grab my ipod and headphones and away I go. On Sunday, my friend and I walked through a park for nearly 40 minutes. In Toronto, I walked about 2-3 hours every day. As a result, I can definitely see the weight loss in my legs. There is muscle definition that wasn’t there before. I can walk longer distances than I could even two months ago.

My goal is to go for weekly walks. I can’t wait to be in my new neighbourhood in the spring to go on even longer nature walks and maybe even get out my camera again.


Water Fitness

My bestie and I have decided to keep each other motivated on our fitness journeys, we are going start attending water fitness classes. We’re still trying to come up with a plan and find a pool that offers classes on Saturday mornings – but not TOO early because that’s just too much work. And it’s just plain rude. I suspect that not too many classes are offered on Saturday morings because people have better things to do. Like sleep.

But I’m excited for this. I knew a woman who lost 80 pounds just from water fitness alone.

Doesn’t this look fun? The great thing about being in the water is that it’s easy on the joints. It’s great for seniors and those like me with joint pain.


So, those are my fitness goals for the month of August to September. While progress has been slow, I can definitely see change in the way I feel and look. I also need to focus more on healthy eating and cut out the junk food. That’s my weakness right now. There is junk every day at the office and it’s hard to avoid. People legit make you feel guilty if you do not partake in the festivities whether it’s a going away party or a birthday party or whatever.

But for now, I’m going to focus on strength and fitness levels. Boosting my energies the natural way and regulating my sleep patterns.

What are your favorite exercises to do?

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