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It’s Tuesday noon hour and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this blog. I’ve tried for months to think of ways to bring in revenue without using ads. There’s nothing more infuriating than clicking on a blog to read one article and have your computer spammed with pop ups asking you to subscribe or even pay for a monthly membership. I promise – I will not do that to you! Being spammed with annoying pop ups makes me click out of a website faster than you can say… click!

But at the same time, as the bills are piling up and our wages are frozen for what might be another two years, I need to be creative in the services I can offer as a writer. I’m still researching what I can do with this blog and how to market myself – but it is a tough out there. There are millions of writers, who like me, are trying to break into their niche. And until I meet my weight loss goal, I’ll never be “camera” ready for YouTube videos.

There are tons of “work from home” websites that offer lucrative salaries that sound way too good to be true. Which they often are. But what else can you do from home?

I’ve tried Patreon and fundraisers over the years with my music career. But I find when you’re friends with mostly artists – people are reluctant to hand over their hard earned money. And I fear that our province is heading into another deep recession. It doesn’t seem fair to ask for handouts when I know that the job market is scarce. It’s every artist out for themselves this in this money hungry world.

But what I can do is offer services in the following areas and charge either by hour committed to the project or by word depending on the task assigned.

Professional Services Offered:

  • Resumes, cover letters and biographies: $25.00 per document
  • Blog posts: $0.50 per word
  • Social media posts or media banners: $25.00 per hour *this includes info on latest trends and hashtags in your genre
  • Proof reading and editing of your blog posts: $0.50 per word
  • Research articles (health, fitness, arts, travel, music, cooking): $25.00 per hour or $.075 per word
  • Contributions to your articles on various topics including: business, employment search, general fitness, migraines, grief, healing, spiritual practices, music and travel) – fee negotiable
  • Building an online presence: if you need help with creating your online presence, writing profiles for sites like Blogger, WordPress or Goodreads, or if you’re a band of musician and need help with websites like Reverb, or Bandzoogle

These are all services that I can offer on a part-time basis. My hours of availability would be evenings between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm excluding Wednesdays and some Saturdays. But for the right project and right partner, I would be able to make more time depending on the scope and needs of the tasks assigned.

Fees are negotiable and may vary depending on project length, deadlines and how much research will be involved.

If you’re interested in hiring me, then please click scroll to the end of this blog for my email address. It’s designed that way to reduce the amount of spam that I receive. You can also wander over to the Contact Me page and you can learn more about me by simply clicking on this page here. Payments can be made by E-transfers or PayPal.

Donations can also be made by buying me a cup of coffee – will help tremendously!

Buy me a coffee!

If you're not interested in buying E-books, considering buying me a coffee. I adore coffee.


I’d like to thank everyone who has subscribed so far. I can’t believe it’s already month 5 since starting this blog. What a journey it has been. I have appreciated getting to know you all.




Thanks for being part of my fitness challenge and for joining my blog. I have opted out of monetization for this site. Please consider donating to help cover costs of running this site. Or if you want to contribute to my dream spa weekend - just login to your paypal account!




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