A change is gonna come. With your help.

I’m so excited. I mean, truly, for the first time in a long time. And I hope that by writing this post, I don’t jinx the amazing news that I just got.

The other night, after a bad day of dealing with even more condo issues – I made the decision. I handed in my notice to my current landlords and said forget this. I’m tired of being the only one in this building to care about current state it’s in. I asked if I could get out of my lease early.

I live downtown. Renting is just easier. The condo fees alone in this area are outrageous for what you actually get.

My last condo was amazing. I lived there for eight years. It had everything I needed. But the building had a lot of issues. We had an onsite caretaker for the first two years. And then the first one retired or got fired. And then the next one suddenly just disappeared. It was too bad, because I liked him. He got shit done. And then – we were without an on-site caretaker or security.

If you’ve ever lived in a downtown low-rise, you know that not having security is an issue. I watched with dismay as the building slowly declined over the years. What happened you might ask?

Well, the fire alarm system (sprinklers and strobe lights) started malfunctoning on an almost weekly basis. The fire trucks were at our place so many times the owners got fined a lot of money by the city for not meeting safety standards.

The sprinklers flooded the fifth floor units. There were bed bugs on the 4th floor (luckily not on mine). The water would shut off randomly every other week. And then there was noise from the neighbourhood festivals and concerts that just grew tiresome.

And so, I moved to where I am now. The appeal was that this building, even though it was older – was smaller – about 16 units in total. It looked like it was well maintained. My condo is about 1000 square feet. Plenty of room. But impossible to keep clean as I’ve learned. This place accumulates more dust in a day than I ever thought possible.

The plumbing woes have followed me here. And now I find out there are mice living in the walls. Mice. Actual mice. I’ve been lucky and never had this problem. Now I realize that every building can have mice problems. But …

Yesterday morning, I walked out to go to work and a large tree branch had been knocked down by lightning. I took that as a sign. It was time to move. And I gave my notice.

My time in Toronto made me realize that I’ve been missing out on the good life. Settling for older buildings has really impacted my lifestyle. And while newer buildings are really expensive —  I need this change. This building, between the paper thin walls, the dust, the mice, and the constant problems with neighbours – I need to get out of here.

Last year, I was chatting with a coworker. It turns out her elderly mother rents out a condo. It was a lovely condo and had everything I needed. I really wanted to move in. But as it turned out – the tenant that lived there wanted to buy the condo.

And I wound up extending my lease for another year. So stupid.

I just found out that the current tenant is vacating the building in January. This is almost perfect. I’m moving at the end of February. When she told me the unit number, I immediately hopped online and started researching the building history and amenetities.

I almost cried. It’s so difficult to find a nice condo these days that is affordable. Rent starts at a minimum of $1400. And not everyone in Alberta makes $100K like the government seems to think. Considering they take about a third of my paycheck … it hurts. Pension contributions. Union dues. Benefit payments. Taxes. That’s a third of my income gone each month right there. I have a second gig to help bring in some money for transportation each month. But it’s tough to make those paychecks last.

That’s why I started this blog. In hopes of making money. But I don’t like ads. I’m still trying to figure that one out.

A brand new life

The condo I stayed at in Toronto had a large gym and pool. And I thought that if I lived in a building like that, if I could ever afford it, I would be in the gym as often as I could. When I first looked at this condo last year – I was stoked that it had a small but well maintained fitness room. It also has a social games room.

And I just learned – that the building has finished a ROOF TOP patio and party deck! Are you kidding me? They also have an open area for movie nights!!!! My favorite thing to do!!!!

While the condo is a little further from my office, there is good transit. Short access to the trains. In-suite laundry. Most importantly, it’s built with concrete. What does that mean?

That means I’ll no longer hear when my neighbour comes home. Or when he gets up at three in the morning. Or when he goes into the bathroom and as a shower. I won’t hear the chick across the hall get drunk and stupid in the middle of the night. Well, I still might hear that. It’s not completely sound proofed.

But it’s clean. It’s well maintained. It has a fitness centre. A games room. Laundry. Security. Storage. And most of all…

It has this stunning view. I don’t even mind that the picture was taken in the winter. It’s right across the street from the river! I can use the trails again and go for nature walks and photography. I can have friends over for drinks on the patio party.

I just… I’m so excited I had to write this out.

view 1

Now… I hate doing this. I hate soliciting for funds. But since I’m keeping this blog ad free. I’m asking for your help.

Moving into this condo is a lifestyle change. With it being mostly sound proof, I can start recording again and maybe do some podcasts or videos. But to make that happen, I need to invest in some furniture and equipment.

So, please – if you can. Scroll down the bottom of this page and buy me a cup of coffee. You can pay whatever you can afford to.

Thank you dear readers for joining me on this exciting journey. I hope the next eight months fly by – because I can’t wait until I move. Fingers crossed that this deal goes through okay.

I’ll finally have a “grown up” condo! I mean, my condo now is grown up. But I hate it. I hate the building. I’m not sleeping. I’m constantly sick from the dust and probably mold. I need to move for so many reasons.

And I might even find that – what’s that word? Right – happiness…. because I can finally do all the things I’ve been talking about doing for so long.




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