Purging is good for the soul and the home.

Today was supposed to be a productive day. I had plans. Lots of plans. And yet here it is, after 11 am, and I’ve done nothing. Absolutely nothing. And I have to admit. As guilty as I kinda feel right now- being lazy feels oh so good. Oh, so. Very. Good. In fact, here is Bruno Mars to sing to you how good being lazy can feel.

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting…why are we always waiting for others?

I’ve been sitting here waiting for some contractors to come by and look at my condo. There are some minor issues and repairs that need to be done. They gave a time window of 10:00 am and noon. No problem. I figured I would get up super early, have breakfast, tidy up and head to work for the afternoon. Then a quick dinner and a visit with dad.

Sounds good, right? Except that the contractors didn’t arrive until about one in the afternoon and the tech helped me locate a disaster of a mess that I needed to spend the afternoon cleaning. Just don’t get me started on the details. Ugh.

Last night, I did a lot of work cleaning up my place. It is starting to look pretty great. I’m trying to go through everything and get rid of whatever I don’t need. Purging is good for the home, body and yes, even the soul. It feels good to let go of things that I no longer need or am attached to. Which apparently, is a lot of crap.

I am definitely not materialistic. And I am definitely not a minimalist. Can we just scrap labels for a moment here? What I am is someone who likes to own nice stuff. But not too much stuff. Chaos in the home makes me physically ill. It induces such an anxiety that even writing about it now makes me queasy. And I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

It’s the same at the work place. If my cubicle is a disaster, that’s all I can focus on for that moment until I have time to “purge” the area. So about once a week, usually on a Friday afternoon when everyone is clearing out, I’ll take that time to declutter my desk.

Purging is difficult, when you’re clearing out 70 years worth of family history.

We’re still cleaning out my family home. I still have boxes of items to bring back here. And I decided last week that I have way too much stuff for one person.

It’s easy to develop emotional attachments to items. And I can now see why my mother was a pack rat. Much of the stuff I have a hard time letting go of, were things my mother had gifted to me. Some things are just too difficult to get rid of. Baby blankets that she hand made. Things like that.

“At least it’s organized,” she used to say to me as we watched an episode of Hoarders together. “You don’t see any rodents or bugs here do you? It’s clean,” she said. She was very defensive of this.

But after going through 70 years of “stuff” at the house, I’m determined now more than ever to spare my family of this should anything happen to me. Hence, this is the beginning of what I’m calling “The Summer Purge.”

Tidying Up

Back in the early 2000s, I was obsessed with The Learning Channel (TLC). We would watch shows like Trading Spaces, Property Brothers and Extreme Makeover. Trading Spaces was turned into a weekly ritual for our family. And other than Big Brother, it was the only show that could bring us together as a family.

These shows all offered great tips on how to organize your home and some of the episodes even showed you how to purge your home.

Shifting back to present day. I tried getting into the phenomenon that is Tidying Up, a new show that arrived in Canada on Netflix in 2018 starring Marie Kondo.

But the idea of having someone come into my home and tell me what I should or shouldn’t keep just doesn’t appeal to me. I couldn’t get into it.

As I was cleaning today, like legit, on my hands and knees bleaching the hell out of my floor (you don’t want to know), I heard my mum’s voice pop in my head. Funny how she does that from time to time. Sometimes it’s like she’s standing behind me with her hands on my shoulders whispering in my ear.

Make sure to get every nook and cranny

“Make sure to get it all. Every nook and cranny. Those critters can get in there too,” she told me in my reverie.

I envisioned her for a moment standing before me wagging her finger in the air at me while lowering her glasses to fully express her disdain for the way I was cleaning the floor. I’m sure others can relate to this. Mum had a certain way of doing things.

This clip of Tim Hawkins sums it up perfectly for me and for anyone who grew up with a British or Irish mum.

‘Don’t lollygag’ is my new favorite saying.

It is now midnight as I feverishly finish off this now 718 word post before I go to bed. And while this day didn’t go as I had planned, I got a lot accomplished this afternoon. And I feel a little lighter for it. Hell, I’m even smiling as I type this. How is that possible?

Purging. Feels amazing. Purging your belongings that is. Purging food? That’s another topic for another day that I don’t even want to explore. Don’t purge food. It’s just bad. Purge your home. Just your home of things you don’t need. Recycle things that can be recycled. Donate things that are accepted. Properly dispose of anything that may be toxic or harmful to our delicate environment.

When I got home this evening, I made another trip to the dumpster and got rid of all the recycling I had let pile up. Bit by bit. A little more every day. Another box is packed and ready for pick up for donation. Another empty box and hauled out to the bins.

Bit by bit.. I watch as my home becomes de-cluttered. Seeing the floor all clean and shiny makes me feel good. Seeing progress and all the hard work I’ve done to let go of things I no longer need – that feels like more than I’ve accomplished in a long while. And the I get into cleaning mode, the more I feel a little like Monica from Friends.

Tim’s Childhood and Moms

And now to end this late night rambling that may or may not make sense, I’ll leave you with this comedic genius that is a new discovery for me – Tim Hawkins. This is just pure gold about moms.

This post makes me realize I spend way too much time on YouTube. Sorry but not sorry!

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