Youtube Finds: D ALL MY D (Scuba Jake)

Something I love even more than ocean and space exploration documentaries, is watching treasure hunters explore different parts of the world in search of lost valuables. I have a few favorites on YouTube of brave explorers who wander through dark caves and abandoned buildings.

While YouTube is fantastic for discovering great content, it can be disappointing to find out that so much of the content out there is staged “or fake”. I love using the related search option because I often stumble across some real gems – created by authentic divers and explorers.

Last night, I discovered DALLMYD – and the channel did not disappoint. It earned a sub from me.

Scuba Jake – D All My D

Georgia native, Jake Koehler, originally started out as a YouTuber gamer back in 2011. It wasn’t until 2015, when Jake recorded his first treasure seeking diving video, that his channel started to gain popularity.

Since 2015, Jake’s channel has grown to 8.3 million subs and his videos earn anywhere from 3 million views to 25 million views. He has earned over 700 million views around the globe which has turned him into a Youtube super-star.

Jake’s instagram account: Scuba Jake (@dallmyd)

With his good looks, charm and high energy, I can see why this channel has grown to 8.3 million subs. How cool is that?

What I love about Jake’s videos is that when I’m watching them, I often feel like I’m right there with him. These videos are professionally recorded and captured in high definition. Jake works with a team of friends who are also diving enthusiasts. They all seem to have a genuine passion for diving and have great fun while searching for lost treasures.

But diving into the muddy and murky waters isn’t all fun and games. It saddens me how polluted our waters are due to people who use them like a trash bin. Jake and crew often help to clean waters by removing old bottles, cans, and junk that they come across. And sometimes – they also help solve crimes.

Helping police solve crimes – one gun at a time

As Jake’s team of divers began to find weapons that had been tossed into the water, Jake realized that he could help police and detectives solve crimes. He started collecting guns and knives that had been carelessly tossed into the river. Jake now makes it a habit to call local authorities when a gun or knife covered in blood has been found. What I find interesting – is that the blood stains on the knives can survive even after being submerged into polluted water.

Due to the growing popularity of DALLMYD, Jake’s team of divers have even been contacted by local detectives and police departments to provide assistance to ongoing investigations. In this video, Jake and the crew search for a gun that was thrown into the river.

But it was the video below that captured my attention and earned a sub from me. I’ll be honest – it was the officer in the video who arrived at the scene that had me hooked.

You never know what you’re going to get when you call the police to the scene of a crime. Other divers have been harassed by officers and in some cases, charged for diving for treasures. But in this video, Found Gun and Human Remains, the officer who arrived to the scene was one of the nicest and friendliest officers I’ve seen in these types of videos.

The best part of this video was watching the officer at the end struggle with a baby crocodile, with a cigarette hanging from his mouth as they released the crock into the river. I had a good chuckle as it reminded me of the movie Crocodile Dundee.

If you haven’t seen this movie – you must.

This video is definitely worth the watch. The water in this lake was dark, red and so murky that I’m amazed Jake could even see. And even if you’re not a diving fan, watching the crocodile scene is great for a laugh.

So, if you’re looking for a good way to kill some time – I highly recommend checking out DALLMYD. Here are some other notable mentions for treasure hunting channels.

YouTube Recommendations

Aquachigger – cave and water exploration

Exploring with Josh – urban exploration, abandoned sites

Ocean X – ocean dives and exploration, deep ocean


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