Tedx Talks: Stay Present and more

I admit – I’ve run out of ideas and things to write about. Or maybe I’m just stuck in a rut. I can only talk about food and cooking for so long before even I get bored. So, to change things up a bit and find inspiration – I’ve turned to the wonderful world of Tedx Talks.

In keeping up with the spirit of getting fit physically and mentally – I’ve found three great videos for you to watch. Yes, I’ve watched them all the way through and my mind is officially blown. I find this often happens when watching Tedx Talks.

We all know what Tedx Talks is now – right? The channel has exploded up to 19 million subscribers. We even use Tedx Talks sometimes in the office to inspire conversations – and often, each other. There are talks for every subject you can imagine. Which is why the channel’s popularity has exploded.

Forget Oprah. Just give me a good twenty minute Tedx Talks it leaves me with a lot to think about. And to write about. Yes. I’m cheating today.

Here are three Tedx Talks that I highly recommend for anyone following this blog to watch – or anyone who wants to learn more about psychological and mental health. Guy Winch, even though his talk is short, his story about his twin brother was so touching and powerful, that it deserves to be on top of this list.

Guy Winch: How to practice emotional hygiene

What is emotional hygiene? In this Tedx Talks, British author and psychologist Guy Winch, answers this question as he shares an emotionally charged story about his connection to his twin brother.

But the real story here is the meaning of loneliness and how loneliness is a killer. Winch also dives into the science behind how loneliness can reduce our life span by 14% and that shocked me. And maybe this talk was even a bit of a wake up call.

I think it’s a sign I need to get out there and start living life rather than hiding behind a computer and isolating myself all the time.

Dr. Joan Rosenberg: Emotional Mastery

In this talk, The Gifted Wisdom of Unpleasant Feelings, best selling author and master clinician, Dr. Joan Rosenberg, speaks about the eight “unpleasant feelings.” If you can move through eight unpleasant feelings, you can move through anything in life. Otherwise known as “The Rosenberg Reset.”

Feelings are tied directly tied to our capacity and to experience and move through unpleasant feelings. We don’t feel all eight unpleasant feelings at once. Move through eight unpleasant feelings, then you will begin to experience confidence and emotional strength.

Something that Dr. Rosenberg said really stuck with me, and for me, it rings true. I need to make more of a conscious effort on this.

We want to feel something emotionally. But we don’t want the bodily sensation that lets us know what we’re feeling.

This talk is powerful and makes me think about what is holding me back. And things I need to improve on. And if I still haven’t convinced you to watch the video – there’s this bit of wisdom.

Ponder the moments that you have denied your feelings as opposed to pay attention to them. It’s those that matter. Those are going to free you up. – Dr. Joan Rosenberg

Stacey Flowers: The 5 People You Need to Be Happy

With a name like Flowers, you’d expect nothing less than a talk about being happy. But what impressed me about Stacey Flowers, an entrepreneur, speaker and eternal optimist, is her energy she brings to the stage.

Flowers starts the talk off telling the audience that she became a mother at just seventeen years old and was ready to drop out of high school because of the stigma around teen parents. But it was Stacey’s guidance councilor at the high school who encouraged her to stay in school and plan for her future. And Stacey did. She graduated high school and went onto earn several degrees including a Master’s degree in Human Resources. 

In The 5 People You Need to Be Happy talk, Stacey speaks about the five types of people you need in your life to be happy and successful. I don’t want to give away too much – so, why don’t you just click on that play button and check it out for yourself. But here is a little quote from the video that I think we can all learn from.

Optimism can be learned. Happiness happens before success. See possibility before we point out problems. Relationships have the deepest richest impact on our level of happiness more than any other factor combined.

Stay Present

Image result for stay present joan rosenberg

And on that note – it’s 10:20 pm and it’s taken me over two hours to write this post. Egads. I’m losing my touch. I will be back on the weekend with more fitness posts. I promise!

Let me know which of these Tedx Talks you enjoyed the most in the comments below!




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