Dream Speak: The Yellow Scorpion

It’s Saturday morning – which is usually my favorite day to get up early. But I didn’t get a great sleep last night and so, I’m just getting my day started. I have my hot cup of coffee, my favorite breakfast (peanut butter and toast, with some strawberries) and a load of laundry in.

I’ll be in and out all weekend so I may not have as much time to write as I’d normally like to. I was thinking a lot last night about what I should write about this weekend. Food? Cooking? Fitness? Meh. I mean, I enjoy it. But I think a lot of my readers actually like the inspirational posts and so, I should try do at least one of those every week.

First off, a here’s a little background. Most of you know by now that I work with Elders and Indigenous peoples and have learned much about their cultures and traditions. But even before my career took me on this path, I had a fascination with the Native American beliefs and practices.

I studied with a local shaman, who it was also worth it to know had zero Indigenous background. I stopped mentioning this to Elders because they would become quite upset to hear it. Even though, I learned so much about Shamanism and attended several drumming circles over the years.

I think what I really enjoyed learning about was dream magic, journeying and working with animal totems. I’ll have to do another post on this because the learning here is quite in depth.

I will recommend that you read Animal Speak, by Ted Andrews – it’s a book I have on my shelf that I often turn to for dream interpretations. But basically, what I learned – is that animals can appear to you as a warning in your dreams. And each animal has a different thing or emotion that they can represent.

Animal Speak was published in 2002. I purchased it in 2004 – so it was still relatively new. It’s still a great book.

Shamanic Journeying and Dreams

The Shamanic Journey is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. It isn’t specific to the Native Americans or Indigenous tribes. It is something that is practiced around the globe and is still used today. Here is a video by Sandra Ingerman – Experiencing the Shamanic Journey that can help you understand this a little more.

While in this Shamanic state, a spiritual guide may appear to you. Spirit guides can appear in many forms. From animals, ancestors or even celestial beings and they can appear to you in dreams.

This practice doesn’t work for everyone. I know I attended a few drumming journeys and I wasn’t able to let everything go and just focus on the moment. But I was able to successfully journey at home on my own or with a partner. But the energy felt at those drumming circles was intense. No words can even describe what I felt. This is also why I really want to attend a large pow wow.

The Yellow Scorpion

Last night, I had a bunch of weird non-consequential dreams. My dreams are out there. They feel real. They’re in full colour and surround sound. I often wonder if I’m having an OBE (out of body experience) because I often travel to places I’ve never been. But many of my dreams, take place in the house that I grew up in.

The one dream last night that stands out – it was very short. I was sitting on my old day bed in my old bedroom. I slept in that room for many years. The room is in many of my important dreams. It’s also the room where I had my first nightmare. There’s a deep rooted connection to that house. I’ve spoken about this before.

I screamed very loudly when I saw this bright yellow creature crawling on the floor. It was enormous. I knew right away it was a scorpion. But the colour – it was a yellow that you don’t see often. It was so bright. And this scorpion was massive. I mean, it looked juicy, rubbery – and almost alien-like.

I watched in horror as it crawled across the floor from the other bedroom into mine. I knew I needed to kill it. I grabbed a heavy garbage can. But I couldn’t figure out HOW to kill it. I finally smashed it in the middle. I was convinced this beautiful, yet terrifying creature was dead.

I left the room to search for a bag to put this beast in. When I entered the room moments the later, the scorpion was gone. It was GONE. I knew that it had regenerated itself much like the horror movie I had watched before bed – and there was this bright yellow scorpion somewhere in our house.

Image result for yellow scorpion very yellow

I woke up almost instantly and was itchy all over. It was then that I decided that was enough sleep. The image is so fresh in mind. Sometimes you have to wonder if some dreams are real. Like to transport back in time or to an alternate reality where larger than life scorpions and rodents exist.

Now – I live in Canada. We don’t really get scorpions here. But I knew that’s what it was. I’m not a fan of them. They’re creepy and alien like creatures that can sting you. Here’s a video of a yellow scorpion. Apparently, they exist. But the scorpion in my dream – it didn’t have a dark black. It was pure yellow all around.

So, of course, I looked up what this means online because my dusty old book is hidden somewhere on a shelf in my office. And I found a wealth of interpretations and meanings about scorpions in dreams.

Dream Interpretations

According to multiple sources, scorpions can represent anxiety and stress in your life. It is a sign to move forward from the past and let go of situations. Scorpions can also mean death – that someone you love is going to die soon. Which made me automatically think of my dad (but I’m surrounded by death a lot). Seeing a scorpion in your dream can also mean that a big change is coming your way. Or it can also mean that someone you trust is going to stab you horribly in the back – much like a scorpion might do.

Related image

As you can see, dream interpretation isn’t an exact science. It’s about listening to your sub-conscious and really looking in deep within yourself to figure out what your guides are telling you.

For me, I’m going to say this dream represents stress about the house and family situation. I most likely feel unsupported and misunderstood. And it’s time to let go of things from my childhood, and move on.

The Great Spirit Told Me – Meditation

And look at that – I’ve run out of time. We’re heading to the old house again to clean it up. I think this dream is trying to tell me to let shit go. Just move on. Let it all go.

I’m going to leave you with this little video. I have this album on Itunes and have used it for many years for meditation or to fall asleep to. I love the wisdom that comes with each track. And there’s something calming and soothing about Michael Looking Coyote’s voice and the way he speaks. The sound of the pan flute in the background is transcendent. If I’m having a difficult time sleeping – I just listen to this with earphones and it zones me right out.

Have a blessed Saturday.





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