5 YouTube channels for aspiring chefs.

Just a short post today. Tomorrow – we have a potluck at work and I have a Quinoa and black bean salad to finish off. So, good. So very good.

I just wanted to share some of my favorite channels on YouTube for cooking tips and recipes.

Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver, hands down, has been one of my personal favorite celebrity chefs. He has a bubbly personality and a cuteness about him that makes him extremely enjoyable to watch. Jamie offers a lot of tips on healthy cooking – and I have to say, I’ve learned a lot from his channel.

Here is a recipe I want to try – Summer vegetable lasagna. It looks amazing.


Gordon Ramsey

Say what you will about Ramsey. While I’m not a fan of his shows, I have to admire his passion for food. The energy he brings to his tutorial videos is contagious. His videos are professionally edited and clear. He makes cooking look so easy, that even I can one day, cook like him. Plus – that kitchen of his. A dream kitchen!

Ramsey offers a variety of videos from recipe ideas, to cooking and kitchen basics. I really recommend checking out his tutorials if you want to become a better cook!

Laura in the Kitchen

This channel is a newer discovery for me. But I really enjoy Laura’s energy and creativeness in the kitchen. Laura gives great advice for cooking for beginners and offers a lot of healthy recipes as well. Just look at this recipe – Spinach and Artichoke dip. What an amazing looking dish.

Food Wishes

Food Wishes is a newer channel that I discovered when I was searching how to cut into an avocado for the first time. This channel has over 800 recipes and videos for you to enjoy. While the context can be a little dry – these videos are very informative and easy to follow.

Hilah Cooking

It was this video that got me hooked on Hilah Cooking. I discovered Hilah’s channel back in 2015 when I really got into cooking. Kale was new to me. I had never worked with it before. I stumbled on this video one night while searching how to cook kale. I was not disappointed.

While Hilah is taking a break to focus on family, her channel has been around for years and she has all kinds of recipes and cooking tips to offer. What I like about Hilah is her sense of humor and bubbly personality.

Hilah, this is my way of saying – please come back! We miss you.


Those are my top five recommendation if you want to learn to cook healthy and be a better chef. Who are your favorite celebrity chefs or Youtube chefs? Let me know in the comments!

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