The things you find on youtube – I have no idea.


It’s funny the things you discover on Youtube through related searches. I did a search for Deep Brain Stimulation and discovered a lot of videos on deep brain stimulation surgery.

If you’ve been following my blog – you know I have issues with insomnia and migraines. I’m always looking for natural ways to help heal my body and regulate my sleep. I’ve discovered a great wealth of knowledge from Youtube videos alone and in chatting with other people who suffer the same ailments.

And then I stumbled on this gem of a video. I guess this is a thing – maybe it’s a fetish? I don’t even know anymore.

But if you listen with headphones and close your eyes – my god. It actually feels like you’re getting a scalp massage.

I love Youtube. Many hours – time well wasted.


Are these fetishes or are these techniques therapeutic? I can’t tell. But damn. This is pretty neat. Maybe this is the next big thing to replace white noise?

I’d be curious to learn how much this Youtuber earns a month….

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  1. There is definitely some interesting stuff on YouTube🙌

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  2. Heh especially at 3 am when you cant sleep.

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