Natural remedies for food poisoning

Monday morning I vowed to continue on with my cooking spree. I had done well on the weekend with eating healthy and wanted to use up some of the vegetables I had purchased on Saturday morning.

And I did. I made a healthy omelette for lunch and cooked some eggplant dipped in egg batter. An old recipe I had discovered thanks to All Recipes years ago.

As you read in my post yesterday, the eggplant did not sit well with me. In fact, I think I gave myself food poisoning from it! I had baked the eggplant at 400 degrees for about 25 minutes.

When I ate it, the texture felt off. It felt slimy and gross. But whatever. Eggplant is usually kind of gross to me. I ate a few pieces before giving up and tossing it out. Bleh. Instant regret.

I have a sensitive stomach. So, it really doesn’t take much to set it off. I think my mistake was not cooking the eggplant enough. Which who knew – you can actually get food poisoning from eggplant!

So, here are a few tips I’ve learned on how to battle food poisoning using natural remedies at home. Note – if you’ve tried these remedies and nothing seems to be working or your symptoms are worse – visit your nearest medical centre or emergency room.

Hydrate yourself

Water and electrolytes are going to be your friend when it comes to food poisoning. Between the diarrhea and vomiting, your body will become dehydrated very quickly. It is extremely important to refuel your body with fluids.

Make sure to drink plenty of cold water and something like orange juice or Gatorade to fill up on those electrolytes.  You may not feel like drinking anything. But trust me, it helps.

My mum used to smash ice into tiny little cubes when I was sick. She’d place a bowl next to the bed so I could suck on them. It’s funny the things you miss as an adult.

clean clear cold drink
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Relieving nausea and diarrhea

I have a sensitive stomach. So I tend to keep Imodium and Gravol on hand. Ginger Gravol helps with nausea – this is a natural product used for battling nausea. Word of warning – it can make you sleepy. Sometimes I take it at night time if I’m having a bad bout of insomnia.

Imodium is my go-to for stomach issues. It can be purchased over the counter and it aids in stopping diarrhea.

Natural herbs that can aid with relief from diarrhea include peppermint oil, slippery elm, and aloe vera.

green leafed plant
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If you’re looking for natural ways to relieve symptoms of food poisoning – drinking ginger tea or peppermint tea can help. Clear sodas such as 7-Up and Gingerale can also help to calm the stomach. My mum used to stir Gingerale and make it “flat.” She swore this helped with all stomach bugs.

peppermint tea on teacup

If you start feeling better and your stomach starts growling, fill it up with dry toast or crackers. Light soups and broths can also help if you’re still feeling queasy. Avoid heavy or cream filled soups. Stick to lighter soups like chicken noodle or broth based soups.

cooked noodle with garnish
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Get lots of sleep

The best thing you can do for yourself in between running to and from the bathroom, is to get some rest. There have been days where I’ve crawled on the floor of my bathroom with a pillow. I try to resist this. On really bad days, I’ll just put a bucket next to the bed so I don’t have to move far.

Lying down in bed, in a cold dark room, is often the only remedy that helps me get better. Today, I slept until 3pm. I had a bit of dinner and feel a lot better.

For even more relief, run some cold water onto a facecloth and place it over your forehead as you lie down. It’s another trick I learned from my mum. I swear, all these old wives tales – they really work.

woman sleeping on white bed holding blue pillow
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Hopefully these remedies help you the next time you have food poisoning or the flu. If these home remedies don’t work, then call your doctor’s office. If your symptoms become more severe – or you become severely dehydrated, please visit your local emergency room. Some food poisons can be quite toxic and make you seriously ill.

Thanks for reading – what are some of your home remedies for food poisoning? Leave your suggestions down in the comments!

I’m going to listen to my own advice and drink some water and head to bed!


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