Fitness Challenge: Week 3 Goals

It’s Friday and my weekend has begun. What a whirlwind of a weekend it will be.  I won’t be online to write as much as usual with a family wedding and all that jazz. But I just wanted to end the week with an update on my fitness challenge.

Sleep Challenge

My sleep challenge failed miserably. I think this really played a key in the lack of progress this week. I also should not have replaced the battery in my scale. I was doing better without it.  I didn’t get to bed before midnight once. Don’t even get me started on last night. Because of a party next door that resulted in some obscenities, and an altercation with a neighbour, I didn’t get any sleep. I just crawled out of bed an hour ago. All my plans for a busy day – foiled. I’m tired and cranky. The bags are back under my eyes. I need to do better next week.

Sleep is crucial when it comes to weight loss.


I slacked off here. I exercised three times this week but didn’t do any of the strength training I said I would do. I have to do better next week. Create a fitness schedule and stick to it. That’s crucial for weight loss.


I forgot my lunch every day this week! Once I forgot to pack a lunch. And the other two days I forgot to grab it from the fridge. So, I didn’t eat as healthy as I should have. I did cook a lot. Almost every night. But I ate more than I have been. Maybe I’ve been eating too much food? I’m not sure.

Overall diet will fluctuate from week to week depending on energy levels and my schedules. But the important thing is reducing the amount of bad carbs you take in and focusing on vegetables, fruit and protein. Healthy fats like avocado and fats from cooking oils.

I will do better this week. I just have to get through this wedding weekend first.


No progress this week. The scale is my worst enemy. I was doing better without knowing how much I weighed each day. I find with a scale I obsess over numbers. My advice? Don’t even hop on a scale for the first two months. Weigh yourself at the start – and then ignore it. I’m going to try and do this from now on. As difficult as it might be.

On the upside, I’m feeling pretty good overall. More energy. My stamina is increasing. I’m finding passion again for cooking and having fun in the kitchen. I just need to focus more on specific goals.

So, week three will be a repeat of week 2. I’m still down a few pounds but weight has fluctuated because I haven’t exercised enough. At least I know that now.

Thanks for following me on this journey. If you’re working on weight loss too – let me know what changes you have made.

If you’re looking for tips on fitness and weight loss – check out my fitness page. I have lots of resources and ideas for you. The important things to track are food intake, sleep and exercise.


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