Fitness Challenge: Week 2 Goals

It’s Sunday morning and I’m awake much earlier than normal. I’m a night owl which means I’m accustomed to keeping some pretty weird hours. I really hate that I get up in the morning with just enough time to get ready for work and head out the door with just enough time to get to the office.

I’ve been trying to change this for a long time as part of my fitness challenge. I’m trying to break free of outmoded habits that no longer serve a purpose in my life. And this is one of them.

So, my goal is to be in bed by midnight on work nights. And get up at least thirty minutes before I need to be up. This way I’m not rushing around like a mad woman in the morning. And maybe I can find some extra time to enjoy a hot breakfast and cup of coffee.

I actually really like early mornings. I just don’t like making the effort to see them. I feel guilty if I sleep in too late. The world seems quieter at 6am. You can watch the sunrise. It really is a serene time. I just really like my sleep as well.

Rocket Fall 2013 057.JPG

Picture taken on an early morning mountain hike a few years back.

Last night, I crawled into bed by 10:30 which is highly unusual for me. And I slept for most of the night which is also highly unusual. I slept until 5 am, and then I was up again at 7 am.

I had weird end of the world dreams again. I’ve always have weird dreams. Last night it was like a zombie apocalypse. I guess I need to lay off the zombie tv shows. Because I woke up feeling a little traumatized. My dreams are like movies. They’re pretty wild.

I forced myself to get out of bed at 8 am and step on the scale again. There is progress but it’s minimal. I think I’ve lost about twelve pounds in the last year. And most of that has been in the last month. I guess that’s better than nothing – right?

Bread has always been my weakness. I need to make the effort to cut back on the bread but it’s so damn yummy and it’s a Danish staple in many of the Danish recipes. I have cut back to one piece per day – breakfast time with peanut butter and a side of fruit.

So, I guess I’m moving onto week two of my health and fitness challenge and it’s time to make some new goals for this week. What will the theme be? I have no clue. Maybe I will just focus on healthy eating and regulating my sleep schedule.

Here are my fitness goals for week 2:

  1. Go to bed no later than midnight
  2. No after work naps, no matter how tired I am
  3. Get up at least thirty minutes before I have to be up
  4. Pack a lunch every day
  5. Eat bread only once a day

I think those are pretty reasonable. My main reward is my trip. I think I might even go for a quick get away at the end of June pending progress.

Remember: the key to successful and long-term weight loss is setting small and realistic goals for yourself. Ones that you know you can achieve. Don’t focus on the pounds or your size. Focus on how much you can do activity wise and make lifestyle changes in the kitchen, in the gym, or like I have, with sleep.

What are your fitness goals this week?

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Good luck!




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