Halifax Harbour 2014

Okay, last post before I head to bed. I probably post too much. But that will change in time — I’m just so excited at the positive response of this blog. You are all amazing. Each and every one of you. Well, except for those damn spam bots.

I also type like 100 words per minute, so I could literally write half a book in one sitting.

It looks like my travel posts are a big hit so I’m going to end today with some more pictures. Yay! Who doesn’t love pictures.

Today, I will share just a few pictures from the harbour in dowtown Halifax.

Halifax, Nova Scotia is a great city for those who are interested in ocean life and history. The city is has a rich history and is known for disasters like the Titanic. I actually spent a whole day touring the grave yards and the docking area where ship departed from.

Here are a few photos from the harbour area. All photos taken by me using a Nikon P100.

Unfortunately, I hit the coast just days before hurricane Arthur. The high winds and cloudy skies did not make for great photography conditions. Even my visit to Peggy’s Cove was a bust.



Halifax 2014 (35).JPG

Halifax 2014 (64).JPG

Halifax 2014 (139).JPG

Halifax 2014 (142).JPG


Two days before Arthur – a tropical storm hit Peggy’s Cove. And I got hit with food poisoning 😦

Halifax 2014 (275).JPG

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