Fitness Goals: Week 1 Goals

The weekend went by fast. When my alarm went off this morning, I did not want to get out of bed. Even though I had fallen asleep long before midnight, I was so tired that I felt like I could have slept for a week.

But I forced myself to get out of bed and head off to work. I’m really trying to put in a full effort for that. Now that I’m switching to part time hours for the summer months – I need to really make the effort to not take anymore sick time.

I haven’t had a migraine in over two weeks and it feels good. I still get headachey every other day but as long as I keep to a regular sleep schedule and drink plenty of water – I should be okay.

Sundays are supposed to be my day of rest. I think I overdid it yesterday. I got out my old resistance band and worked on my legs and arms for about twenty minutes. Then I hopped on the bike for another thirty minutes. Almost a solid hour of working out.

I’m feeling it today. There’s a burn in my legs that I haven’t felt in some time. I forgot how effective resistance training can be. People also swear by lifting to lose weight fast. But I’ve never been one for weights. So, resistance training it is.

But the burn man. It burns. And it feels good at the same time. I learned years ago this was called DOMS. Don’t ask me what it means. I can’t remember – something to do with muscles. I could look it up for you but I”m lazy today.

Here’s a random cat picture to show you how I’m feeling – yup that’s me.

adorable animal black and white cat
Photo by Pixabay on

I’m hoping for a quiet day at the office. I might sneak out for a walk on my afternoon coffee break. The sun is shining and it’s plus 18 degrees out there. It’s starting to feel like summer.

I have a busy week ahead of me. Still lots of prep to do for the upcoming wedding. I still need to get groceries and I have a couple of medical appointments. But overall? I feel good.

I put on my favorite pair of jeans this morning and let out a hoot when I noticed how much weight I’ve dropped in the legs. They’re swimming on me now. But I still have a few more inches to go around the hips.

This is how I measure progress.

Forget the scales. I use a tape measure, my clothes and how I feel overall.

It’s time to think about goals for this week. So, let’s see.

  1. Shop for food – all healthy – mostly veggies, fruit and fish- tonight
  2. Cook at least one hot meal – maybe a nice bean dip
  3. Do more resistance training – 3x this week
  4. Use the mini-cycle – 3x this week
  5. Go for walks 2x on my lunch breaks
photo of person walking on deserted island
Photo by Tom Swinnen on – I love pexels

I think that’s pretty realistic. Here’s a pretty picture just because. I love Pexel photos.

Happy Monday everyone. Thanks for helping me reach nearly a 100 followers this weekend. You are all amazeballs. Yes, I’m looking at YOU.


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