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Being healthy isn’t just about eating right and getting fit. For me, it’s about learning to manage chronic conditions such as chronic sinusitis and migraines. I’m tired of filling my body with expensive pills so I am always looking for natural ways to help with these ailments. But for some conditions like migraines – you have no choice but to take specific medications to treat them.

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My daily routine has changed tremendously and I thought I would share it for others managing these conditions. Please note – that this routine is for me and I am following it as prescribed by my primary care giver. I’m only listing these products for those who might be looking for new treatments or products to help alleviate the pain from chronic headaches and migraines. Do speak to your doctor before adding supplements to your regime.

Vitamin Supplements for Deficiencies

Most healthy people can get away with a general multivitamin. For some of us who lack in certain areas – we need more help. I find I have more energy, look and feel better on this regime. Sometimes I slack. And I pay for it later on. If you’re feeling lethargic and depressed for no logical reason that you can think of – then it might be time to visit your doctor for some lab work.

Lacking in things like iron and vitamin D or B can create havoc on your system. I speak from experience. Six years ago, I wound up in the hospital as an outpatient for severe anemia (lack of iron). I wound up receiving six weeks of iron infusions. It helped me a great deal. Now – I try to get my iron through a healthy diet. But for migraine therapy, my physician suggested this regime. I also suffer from dry skin and use additional vitamins to help with that. I am still experimenting with natural remedies and will share my findings with you.

  • Vitamin B2 – 200 mg — careful with this one. It turns your pee neon green sometimes.
  • Magnesium – 200 mg
  • Multivitamin – gummy for hair growth and healthy nails – 200mg daily
  • Omega 3 – 3-6-9 – every few months to help with dry skin and circulatory issues

Chronic Sinusitis 

  • Neti Pot rinse – 1x daily
  • Avamy Nasal Spray – 1x daily
  • Artificial tears for dry eyes – 2x daily

Skin Care

  • Oxy Cleaning Pads – 2x daily face wash
  • Nivea Aloe Vera skin cream – 1x nightly
  • Chamomile tea bags for under eye care and glowing skin – 3x each week
  • Once a month or so, I use honey as a facial mask to help with my skin. You can also use oatmeal for this, but oatmeal can dry out your skin as I found out.

Migraine Care 

This routine is only when migraines strike. I’ve been pretty good for the past four weeks. I’m also trying two new drugs Zomig and Camdia Powder for therapy. I’ll keep you posted on it works. These drugs were recommended by my primary physician. Luckily, my arthritic pain has been manageable without the use of drugs. I can get by with rest, ice and elevation.

Massage Therapy

If your benefits cover it, I highly recommend going for massages as often as you can. This helps to relieve the stress and tension in your upper back and neck muscles. I have in the past used Craniosacral Therapy but for me – it only intensified my migraines. It was definitely a trigger.

What really helped me was a nice Steam massage with skin treatment. Unfortunately, these types of treatments can be extremely expensive and not always covered by insurance providers.


So there you have it. That’s a quick run down on my daily self-care routine. It sounds like a lot. Trust me, I know. But if I slack on any of these things – I can really notice the difference.

Before starting your fitness challenge – or plan to lose weight – I highly recommend visiting your primary care giver and ask for some lab work. Things to consider testing are vitamin levels, hormones, white and red blood cell count. If your doctor can rule out any preexisting conditions or deficiencies, then you should be good to start your fitness challenge.

Not sure where to start? Check out my article on Fitness Goals.



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