Thursday Thoughts

I haven’t had a lot of time to write the past few days. There is a family wedding coming up in a couple of weeks and so much to do for it still. It’s a very special day. And it will be an emotional day.

I was really hoping to go on a trip this year. Toronto has been on my bucket list of things to do and see in Canada. I’m also dying to check out Quebec City and return to Halifax at some point. Cape Breton has also been calling out my name but for that I would need a travel companion.

Travel within Canada is so ridiculously expensive – but even more so for single travelers.

Why do you do this travel industry? Why? Why should a single person pay double for a train ticket but offer discounts if you’re a couple? It doesn’t seem fair.

I tried looking for travel partners in the past. Most of my friends now are married with kids so they can’t just pick up and leave whenever they want to. I’ve joined travel groups but everyone is interested in going to the beach, Mexico, or somewhere far away that I just can’t afford right now.

My ideal trip? Is to the mountains, hang out in a cozy cabin near the lake and just enjoy a few days in solitude surrounded by nature. But of course – you need a car and a million dollars to get to any of these places.

It saddens me that travel in my own province is now considered a luxury. Who the heck can afford $400 a night for a hotel room? I sure can’t. Not unless this blog starts pulling in thousands of dollars a month.

I’ve been thinking instead how to spend money that I have coming in from my tax rebate. It isn’t much. Ten years ago it would have been enough to pay for a week long trip somewhere. But that isn’t the case anymore

So, I’ve been looking at doing a makeover. I’ve already dropped some weight (painfully, slowly) and working on more. I’ve already got my hair cut. Need to get it dyed.

But now I’m looking at doing things to make myself look “younger” without the aid of plastic surgery.

Things like eye wrinkles, saggy eyelids and dark circles are more prominent than they have ever been.

Am I crazy to think that a complete makeover can be affordable? I’m researching various treatment options.

I seriously need to win the lottery. Or find a sugar daddy who is willing to fork over money for very little in return. But I’m beginning to think they are a myth!

500 words. That will have to do for the day.

Back to work I go!

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