How to network effectively

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Creating an online presence is crucial in order to be a successful entrepreneur in this day and age of technology. But creating an online presence isn’t enough. Having a solid network of contacts in your industry will play an important role in your success. How you engage with your contacts is also important.

Be careful who you follow

Connect with people who are working in the same market as you. Writers should follow other writers, publishers, and authors they are inspired by. Bloggers, marketers, screen play writers are all examples of people you should be connecting with. If you follow too many people who are not in your niche, this can potentially mess up your algorithms and will make it difficult for other writers and authors to find you.

Don’t mix your business profiles with personal profiles

I love Instagram but lately there has been so much spam on my business account. I use two accounts. One for my music identity and one for just friends and family. As my account grew, I was concerned about my friends and family getting hit with the spam. So, my advice is to use two separate accounts. Lock down your private profile. Keep it separate from your business. Your family will thank you!

Post relevant content

Keep your feeds full of relevant content. If you’re a writer, post about books you’ve written, books you’ve read or share resources you’ve found that others may find helpful.

If you’re into music, post your original music, help promote other musicians, write about your experiences in the industry, share music that you are listening, etc. You get the idea.

I’ve unfollowed many of my favorite childhood authors because they got too involved in politics or things I have no interest in. I’d rather not know about their political beliefs. Use your personal account to connect with celebrities you are interested in.

Follow – Unfollow Game

Don’t play the follow and then unfollow game. This is bad for everyone. I am very picky about those accounts I follow. I make sure they are real accounts, verified when possible. If you follow someone – do so because you are interested in their content. Not to help or aid YOUR career.

I’ve caught many big name accounts (Andy Kim, I’m looking at you) for doing this. I was tickled pink when Andy’s account followed me. Then I installed the Who Unfollowed Me app for Twitter. I saw he unfollowed me. I clicked on his account and sure enough. Andy’s team unfollowed him from everyone who didn’t have a blue checkmark next to their name. Pretty shitty thing to do in my books.

Fake Followers and Likes

To my dismay, I have discovered many accounts, and apps offering fake followers and likes. I tried one app that posted automatic comments on other people’s profiles. I was disgusted when I saw the types of accounts that it posted on. I removed the app and block and report anyone who offers me free followers.

Do NOT pay for fake follows. This just hurts us all. If you notice your posts being seen less and less then you need to play around with hash tags and the times of day that you post your content.

Using LinkedIn to connect with others

I know a lot of people swear by LinkedIn. But I had a bad experience about ten years ago with a hack. Someone stole my information from the site and used it to create a fake account on Facebook. It took weeks of harassing Facebook staff to remove the fake profile. I know a lot of people have had success using LinkedIn – but for me the spam on the site is overwhelming.

I do not recommend it. There are better ways to market yourself. Set a budget for yourself for marketing.

Seminars and Meet Up Events

Look for seminars and meet up events in your local area to network with relevant entrepreneurs. I can’t tell you how important this is if you want your local business grow.


What I learned from my dad is that word of mouth is key for your success. Having a solid reputation will help your business to grow. Word of mouth advertising and client referrals – making sure your website has a contact section for your clients – being clear and consistent in your social media presence. These are all things that will help your business become successful.

Make sure your website has a section where your clients can leave reviews and testimonials. Take the feedback to heart but don’t let it destroy you. Use the negative feedback to better improve your business practices.

I hope this helps you out. I am working on a YouTube channel and plan on making short 10 minute tutorial videos for you to explain these steps better.


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