Welcome to my website – Mostly Single. This website started off as a blog and has grown into a lifestyle magazine. I first started this blog to track my fitness progress. But as time went on, I started writing more about food, cooking and started sharing my own recipes and cooking tips.

Over time, I started sharing my music and artwork. Now, I have nearly 500 followers from around the world in just one year of writing.

As of May 2020, I’ve revamped this website. Make sure to follow for healthy recipes, original music and more! Check out new tabs and categories that include healthy recipes, music, articles on health and wellness -and self-care.

Wendy Jensen


This album was released in February 2020. The album is 100% original instrumental music.

For more music – make sure to check out the Music page and subscribe to my Youtube channel.

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Happy Friday

So, I booked my COVID testing appointment and it was fairly easy to do. I have a gripe though. There is only one location in Edmonton that is doing the tests and the other location is in Sherwood Park. I do not drive. Finding someone willing to drive me, while going for COVID testing, was … Continue reading Happy Friday

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