Saturday thoughts & morning music sessions

Here it is Saturday – my favorite day of the week. I got up early and made the most of my day. I know my time at home is coming to an end soon and I have to think about the future – which means thinking about the future this blog. I can’t justify the…

Taking a bit of a break and the future of mostlysingle

Just taking a break from writing for a few days as this weekend is going to be a fairly busy one. Need to get my home in order and start doing research into education options. I’m finding social media in general is taking too much time and effort these days to keep up with. I’m…

Daily tracker – focusing on strength training

I’m taking a “social media” breather this afternoon and working on some other stuff. Spotify is on in the background I’m enjoying listening to some cozy coffeehouse style music. The sun is shining outside. I’ve got my coffee next to me. I just came back from a brief 15 minute strength workout with resistance bands….

WordPress is a weird place – algorithms, stats and more.

I’m not sure I’ll be renewing my site in the spring. I’m finding WordPress to be a really weird place in general. Last Tuesday, I made a random post about how I was feeling that day and got over 100 views. It wound up being my most popular day in months for views and engagements….